Going Higher: Clubs for every taste that are sure to have you moving

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l The Ministry of Sound

Old hands moan that "It's not as good as it used to be", which means that from everyone else's point of view it has improved. If you can stand the queues and withstand the security staff (if you are innocent you have nothing to be afraid of) you could do a lot worse than go and see what all the fuss is about.

l Turnmills

With its "club art" interior design, Turnmills is one of London's pioneering multi-media clubs. The gallery night on Fridays is the most popular place in town to dance to house music. Mass hysteria guaranteed.

l Heaven

Recently given a facelift, London's premier gay club is some people's vote for London's best club full stop. The alarming clientele prove once and for all that straight women go to ogle the bodies and not to escape male attention.

l The Fridge

Situated within the vast open-air club that is Brixton, The Fridge is the favourite haunt of many people who have never been there. For those who have, this cavernous venue deserves its legendary reputation.

l The Leisure Lounge

The best drum and bass in the capital is to be found here, if you like that sort of thing. Should you find yourself temporarily deafened you can enjoy the impressive slide visuals and backlit photos thoughtfully laid on by the management.