Going Higher: Dress for success

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The best way to find temping, retail or local work in your area is to approach agencies and shops in person with a CV. Presentation in these areas may be key issues so you might need to think about dressing smartly and be prepared for a follow-up interview.

Students for "one-off" and "guinea pig" jobs are also recruited via posters on boards, earning about pounds 5 per hour. However, the work is irregular, lasts only a few hours and occurs on a first-come first-serve business.

Partly due to the sheer number of advertisements taken out in University papers such as The London Student, the majority of sperm donors are students. If you are keen to help reinforce this number, call the Human Fertility Embryology Authority on 0171 377 5077 for details of your closest clinic.

Union work is advertised widely on noticeboards or on the college's Internet pages and often requires no former experience. Bar and catering work rotates in shifts so you may be able to choose your hours, making it relatively easy to get overtime or to take a week off to meet essay deadlines. Pay fluctuates from pounds 3.50 an hour (at the University of London union) to pounds 5 (at the London School of Economics Students' union).