Going Higher: 'There is no bitchiness'

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Lisa Davidson, 22, of Somerset, has just finished her second year studying for a BA in language and communication studies at the University of Wales, Cardiff

"IN THE first year I pretty much wanted to have a taste of everything so I went to as many different clubs as I could. However, I kept coming back to the union purely because it was much cheaper.

"The Tavern is an old-fashioned pub/bar in the union which is open to 1am, so that's good if you just want to go out for a few drinks. The Terminal is a nightclub where there might be a Seventies night one evening and a rave the next. The Finisterre has plays and social nights for particular clubs and societies. The town also offers quite a wide variety. Zeus is a nightclub for people who really want to go clubbing.

"Most of the clubs in Cardiff have student nights which tend to be on a Tuesday or Thursday. There is a really good feel to Cardiff nightlife. I have been clubbing in quite a few cities and there is no bitchiness here. I have walked home on my own at night through Queen Street and felt quite happy. It's bright and light and you generally feel quite safe. The big thing is there's variety - there is a club for everybody."