Head teacher and deputy 'caught having sex' by pupil - with video posted on social media

Headmaster Graham Daniels and deputy Bethan Thomas resigned from the Swansea school after a video in which “sex noises” appearing to come from Mr Daniels’ office were recorded by a pupil

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A headmaster and his deputy could face a classroom ban after a pupil posted a recording of them allegedly having sex behind the door of a school office.

Headmaster Graham Daniels, 51, and Deputy Bethan Thomas, 37, resigned from Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bryn Tawe in Swansea after a video said to feature “sex noises” apparently coming from Mr Daniels’ office was posted on YouTube by a pupil.

Graham Daniels, 51

The school received a complaint about the tape, which was then examined by governors and education chiefs.

At an Education Workforce Council hearing, both Mr Daniels and Miss Thomas – formally Mrs Bale – admitted to taking part in sexual acts on school premises between May 2013 and April 2014.

The pair now risk being formally reprimanded, suspended or even having their names struck off the teaching register.

EWC chairwoman Jacquie Turnbull said both teachers’ behaviour fell short of the expected standards and that both "breached key principles of the General Teaching Council of Wales code of conduct".

Case presenter Louise Price said the pair were aware of their behaviour which took place over a prolonged period of time.

She said: “They knew what they were doing was wrong… and there is no question of how their behaviour would have continued had they not been discovered.”

“They acted recklessly and without regard for others.”

Bethan Thomas, 37

Ms Price said it was well known in the school that the pair were “close” even before their suspension, according to the Llanelli Star.

She added that both a male pupil, who filmed the video, and a female pupil had heard “groans” from behind the office door.

Susan Lewis, a school attendance officer said she had witnessed the pair kissing in Mr Daniels’ office, the Llanelli Star reported.

Union representative Tim Glover of ASCL said Mr Daniel and Miss Thomas were deeply ashamed of what they had done and were still highly regarded in the teaching profession.

He said: “They both played a significant role in the success of the school… Ysgol Bryn Tawe was regarded as outstanding by inspectors and became one of the best schools in Swansea in terms of exam results.”

Mr Glover also argued both Mr Daniels and Miss Thomas had acted “honourably” by resigning from their posts and also showed “true insights and remorse”.

The hearing was told their current employers provided “positive references” and were fully aware of the proceedings against both teachers.

Miss Thomas currently works as a science teacher on a temporary contract at Tsgol y Strade in Llanelli, while Mr Daniels is a supply teacher in Carmarthenshire.

The EWC panel have now decide what sanction to impose on Mr Daniels and Miss Thomas.

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