Hockey: Midlands seek to regain title

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Hockey: Midlands seek to regain title

The Women's Under 21 Territorial Championship starting tomorrow at the Milton Keynes National Stadium will be missing several of England's young stars, including those in the Indoor Training Squad preparing for the defence of England's European title. Nevertheless, the passion and commitment seen at this annual Christmas-time event is likely to be as strong as ever.

The first edict from Australian Chris Spice, the recently appointed EHA Director of Performance, has placed restrictions on the availability of players receiving Lottery money. Players will only be available with the agreement of their National Senior coaches.

East will struggle to retain their title which is likely to pass back to the Midlands, the only other territory to have won it.

Midland's squad is liberally scattered with players with National League experience including Sutton's Jackie Bull and Natalie Hannah and Olton's Sally Wright and five of their squad have already played in the England Under-21 side. The game on Monday morning between the two territories should settle this year's title.

- Bill Colwill