Judo: Howey just misses medal

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Do not shake the hand of the world judo champion, Kate Howey. That is certainly the conclusion drawn by her French opponent in the opening round at the Tournoi de Paris yesterday. For in the initial exchange, Isabelle Beauruelle dislocated a finger and had to withdraw - after just four seconds.

And there is no doubt that the 24-year-old world title holder from Andover is a formidable opponent even if, in this first international of the year, she failed to win a medal.

In the second round, Joong-Suk Lim of South Korea simply could not believe it when Howey scooped her off the ground to throw her for two scores with morote-gari, her famous rugby-tackle throw.

But the new weight of 70 kilos for the middleweight - up from 66kg - has attracted light-heavyweights, including Ylena Scapin of Italy. She caught Howey with an opportunist, then used her larger bulk to hold off the English fighter.