League table reveals top Oxbridge schools

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Just five schools and colleges send more students to Oxford and Cambridge than the worst performing 2,000 schools put together.

While the names of four of them might trip off the tongue easily, the fifth might be cause for surprise.

Hills Road sixth-form college, a 2,000-pupil state-funded college in Cambridge, sent more than 200 students to Oxbridge in the three years 2007 to 2009 – putting it third behind Eton and Westminster in terms of the number of successful applicants. The other two in the top five are the top fee-paying St Paul's Boys' school and St Paul's Girls' school in London.

The figures come from a league table published today by the Sutton Trust, the education charity campaigning to get more disadvantaged students into the top universities.

Of the 100 schools with the best record of securing Oxbridge places, 87 are independent and 13 selective state grammar schools.

The report concluded that one of the major influences on success could be parental background.