Letter: Your Views: Make room for Indira

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As an ethnic female middle-manager who has just been ignominiously cast out of higher education (WORD OF MOUTH, "Coming Full Circular", 8 April), I read Susan Bassnett's pointed critique of the lack of equal opportunities at our universities with a wry smile indeed.

But it's not enough to aspire to see "Janets, Gillians, Annes and Jennys" move into the corridors of power - which Susan so rightly points out are crushingly dominated by "white middle-aged men" - although, admittedly, it would be a fine start.

Things will really start to improve in higher education only when we see a few Oprahs, Shakiras, Indiras, Geetas, Tallulahs, Marias, Lilly- lees and Athenas in there, too!


London N21