Letter: Your Views: Three parley for Britain

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As head of one of Britain's leading language departments and an ardent advocate of the utility of modern languages to the United Kingdom in the global environment of the new millennium, I was much encouraged by your article on career opportunities for linguists ("Minding your languages", Education, 1 April).

However, your readers should not be left with the impression that there exists in this country only one accredited course in conference interpreting. Bradford, Bath and Heriot-Watt, currently are the three British members of Ciuti (Conference Internationale Permanente d'Instituts Universitaires de Traducteurs et Interpretes) the international association for universities training translators and interpreters for the UN, EU and other international organisations.

All provide not only vocational training, but also academic programmes to masters' level. An example of the efficacy of such courses is that all 21 students on our diploma last year found work in the field right away; no fewer than 16 elected to complete an MA.


Head of department

University of Bradford