Mature Students: Student cards can save you money

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TWO OF the things which make life easier as a student are university registration and a student union card.

The majority of universities in this country are affiliated to the National Union of Students, one of the biggest student organisations in the world representing around 3 million students in the UK. If this is the case at your university, you will be asked to join the NUS at the same time as you register on your course. As most facilities are run and funded by the student union, you may find it difficult to use them if you are not a member.

The card will also entitle you to a range of reductions at shops, cinemas, pubs, art galleries, museums, book shops, gyms, and travel agents.

As a member, you will be able to make use of one of the largest campaigning organisations in the country, as the union is dedicated to representing student's visas to government and campaigning for students' rights and to end sex and racial discrimination.

Along with union cards, all students are issued with university registration cards, which entitle you to student fares on most forms of public transport and to a Young Person's Railcard, which offers reduced train fares. It will also allow you to obtain savings on flights and holiday packages.

To make the most of your student cards, contact your local student union to see what offers are available and keep an eye out for shop windows advertising student deals.