Michael Gove says GCSEs unfit for purpose


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Michael Gove has refused to intervene in the row over English GCSE grade boundaries, warning that the exams are "unfit for purpose".

Ministers should not "meddle" in decisions made by Ofqual, the independent exams regulator, the Education Secretary said.

He told MPs that it was down to Ofqual and exam boards to decide how to mark papers and rejected calls to order a regrading of this summer's English GCSE.

Answering questions in the Commons, he said that problems had arisen from the structure of the exam.

The row over the GCSE English results began as it emerged that the subject's grading boundaries had been altered between January and June. Stephen Twigg, the shadow Education Secretary, said: "We've had countless examples of young people getting a D for work assessed this summer that would have got a C grade in January."

The Education Secretary replied: "I do agree that these examinations are unfit for purpose and need to change."