New unannounced one-day inspections to start in schools from Monday


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Schools will face “no notice” inspections of their pupils’ behaviour as from Monday.

The new-style inspections, lasting just one day with inspectors arriving unannounced, can be triggered either by parents’ complaints about behaviour or criticism of standards in previous inspections.

Sir Michael Wilshaw, chief inspector of education standards watchdog Ofsted, vowed to tackle what he called “a culture of casual acceptance” of low level disruption in schools in introducing the organisation’s annual report in December.

He estimated around 700,000 pupils were attending schools where behaviour needed to improve.

The behaviour inspection reports will be in addition to the normal cycle of inspections of schools throughout the country.

Inspectors will look at the school’s culture and how pupils interact with each other and teachers. They will observe behaviour in the classroom, between lessons, at lunchtime and after schools. Their findings will be posted on the Ofsted website.

A poor report could bring forward the date for a full school inspection.

“Parents want to send their children to schools where they can be confident in the knowledge that behaviour is good,” said Sir Michael. ”Ofsted is there to champion that cause.

“Ofsted is determined to ensure that those who are failing to get a grip on poor behaviour take action to create the right conditions for children to learn.”

At present, schools are usually given notice the previous day of inspections carried out under the normal cycle.