Ofsted targets bad behaviour

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Behaviour in a fifth of schools is not good enough, official figures suggest. Some 21.3 per cent of schools were judged to be just "satisfactory" or "inadequate" in terms of pupil behaviour by Ofsted inspectors last year, according to statistics published by the Department for Children, Schools and Families.

In total, 641 schools in England were given "satisfactory" ratings, while 36 were deemed "inadequate".

Just over half (53.3 per cent) – 1,689 schools – were rated "good" while one in four (25.3 per cent) – 803 schools – were judged "outstanding" for behaviour.

In September last year, Ofsted's methods for inspections, including judging pupil behaviour, were changed, leading to 67 per cent being judged good or outstanding in the three months following, compared to 80 per cent under the old standard.

The figures come after ministers urged schools to make use of parenting orders – court-issued orders which parents must stick to or face prosecution and a £1,000 fine – to crack down on bad behaviour. New powers allow teachers to use force and search pupils.