One in four transgender students have been sexually assaulted at college

More than 150,000 students responded to the survey

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One in four transgender students have experienced sexual assault since enrolling in college, according to a new survey looking at the prevalence of violence on US campuses.

The survey, carried out by the  Association of American Universities, also found high rates of sexual assault among female, gay and lesbian undergraduates. 

The survey included responses from 150,000 students at 27 institutions. Nearly 1,400 of the respondents said they identified as what the survey called “transgender, genderqueer, questioning or not listed” (TGQN).

“Very few campus surveys have produced statistically reliable estimates for those who identify as TGQN because they constitute a very small percentage of the population,” the researchers wrote in their summary.

“While this is a small percentage, the large number of responses to the AAU survey permits estimating rates for this group with adequate statistical precision.”

The survey used a broad definition of sexual assault, referred to as nonconsensual sexual contact, that included sexual touching or kissing as well as penetration. The study also includes separate data specifically about sexual assault involving penetration, according to

More than 24 percent of undergraduate students identifying as TGQN reported experiencing nonconsensual sexual contact, a rate that is comparable to female undergraduate students. Both groups have rates that are about five times higher than male students. Nearly 14 percent of gay or lesbian students reported experiencing a sexual assault while in college.