Open Eye: A student's view

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A student's view

Margaret Burke took part in development trials last year to evaluate the effectiveness of the Discovering Science course material. She was so impressed that she signed up for the course. "I fell in love with the CD ROMS - that's the reason I took the course. They are so colourful and picturesque. With a book, my mind starts to wander after an hour, but these have your whole attention. "I can't remember anything at all about science at school except Bunsen burners. I was top in my class at maths, nearly top in English, so I wasn't a bad pupil generally.

"We started off on the OU course looking at the water cycle, and how it isimportant to life. It's a marvellous way in. You're half way through beforethey hit you with chemistry. I'm finding some of it hard, but I'm enjoying it.