Open Eye: Department of useless information

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Computer geeks may wish to know that over the last six months (the website opened in May), between 150 and 325 people have hit the website on a typical day.

Accessing connects you with the unique OU alumni site, believed to be the only working university graduate site in the UK.

In addition to keeping you up to date with activities in the University and its associations, it has a popular discussion area (subjects ranging from Clinton to courses), and a chat line, a career service - with opportunities especially designed for graduates - small ads, and facilities for networking and mentoring.

On one day last week we welcomed surfers from all over the world: seven from New York, four from Tonga, two from Colorado (that was our website controller, during his Thanksgiving holiday), France, California, Finland, Italy, Ireland, Brazil, Netherlands, Thailand, and Nova Scotia.

The average user is operating Microsoft 4.x, nearly 60 percent with the Netscape users at 4 percent. About 3 percent of user sessions were via Netscape 2.x which does not support Java, whatever that means.