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Sunday 11 April

20:00 Freeing Up Business (B822/1)

Jobs aren't for life any more, and traditional company structures are being questioned. Jane Henry talks to leading international thinkers about the businesses of the future.

20:30 Does Dropping the Debt Miss the Point? (T008/1)

Should the world's poorest countries spend more on their debt than they do on health and education?

21:00 Giorgi (A205/5)

Tracing the architectural influence of the philosopher Francesco Giorgi.

21:20 The Good Life (D317/3)

Can psychology provide any answers to the way we could achieve 'The Good Life'? Four psychologists ponder this difficult question.

21:40 American Conversations: J K Galbraith (D214/5)

The economist and statesman talks about his life and radical ideas.

Sunday 18 April

20:00 The Ethical Business (B822/2)

Many companies are now putting ethics at the heart of their business strategy. But what does this mean in practice?

21:00 Talking About the Enlightenment (A206/5)

Raymond Thomson, Carmen Lavin and Robert Wilkinson discuss aspects of the Enlightenment in18th century Germany.

21:20 Market Economies in Russia and China (D103/5)

A look at the different approaches taken by China and the former Soviet Union to introducing market economies.

21:40 The Changing Face of Psychology (D317/4)

Jerome Bruner is one of the most eminent living psychologists. Richard Stevens interviews him about his life and work.

Sunday 25 April

20:00 Sustainability (B822/3)

Can businesses function profitably without damaging the environment? Jane Henry debates the issue with a group of international experts.

20:30 Refugees: Who Cares? (T008/3)

Set up after WWII, the UN High Commission for Refugees is rarely out of the news.

21:00 Luther and Music (A205/6)

How religious reformer Martin Luther viewed the use of music and hymn singing in Church.

21:20 Towards a Post-Modern Psychology (D317/5)

Richard Stevens talks to psychologists Ken and Mary Gergen.

21:40 The Tyranny of Beauty (D317/1)

Why are we so bothered about the way we look? Two psychologists explore the tyranny of beauty and its effects upon behaviour.