Open Eye: First Wednesday: We are moving!

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Starting next month, Open Eye, the magazine of the Open University community and the only alumni magazine in the UK to be published every month, will be published as a supplement to The Independent on the First Wednesday of each month, instead of on the first Thursday.

This will mean that, instead of appearing as an insert to the newspaper's Education section, we will at last be a stand-alone tabloid section.

This exciting development will give the publication more space in which to develop, and to breath.

For loyal readers, it merely means marking the diary to remind yourself that you need to trek along to your friendly newsagent every Wednesday, instead of every Thursday.

(That's for the hardbitten core of OU people who have not yet discovered - or have discovered and lost - the pleasure of reading a newspaper on a daily basis.)

Not a great chore.

But better, by far, if you just ask your newsagent to save (or to deliver) the newspaper every day.

The next date for your diaries, therefore, will be Wednesday 2 June.

Please meet us then, and there.