Open Eye: How did you fare in last month's OU Challenge?

For those who were unable to cope with the questions, never mind the answers to our summer quiz, here's a reprise - with the answers on the right
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1 Which American Primitive artist had her first exhibition at the age of 78?

2 Who wrote the Symphonia Antartica?

3 Who plays Dick in "Third Rock from the Sun"?

4 Which occupation do Feste, Touchstone and Alias share?

5 What is the only country in the world where Catalan is spoken as the native dialect?

6 Who is the muse of dancing?

7 The composer Ravel wrote a series of pieces for one handed pianists, for a pianist who had lost a hand in WW1. The pianist had a much more famous brother. What was their surname?

8 What is Phasmophobia?

Which Breweries make the following beers?

9 Double Dragon

10 Formidable

11 Old Spot

12 Why are the Godophin Arab, Byerly Turk and Darley Arab important?

13 If you are indulging in Vaccimulgence, what are you doing?

14 Whose girlfriend was Etta Place?

15 What was unusual about David Beckham's shirt in the 1997 charity shield match?

16 What is the name of the vacuum cleaner in the "Teletubbies"?

17 What was first produced by henry D Perky of Denver, Colorado in 1893?

18 What is esprit de l'escalier?

19 Charlie Allnut is a central character in which film?

20 Whose real name is Declan McManus?

21 The Greek for "circle of animals" gives the name of which item that you can see in a daily newspaper?

22 What colour shirts did England wear in the 1966 World cup final?

23 What do Agamemnon, Marat and Jim Morrison of the Doors all have in common?

24 In "The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin", what was Reggie's middle name?

25 Which Sweets vanished in 1984 but were reintroduced in 1994?

26 Which literary man had a very fine cat called Hodge?

27 In which year of the 20th century did Great Britain have 3 kings?

28 What is a Googol?

29 From which South American country are Ariane rockets launched?

30 Whose amanuensis was Eric Fenby?

31 In which English town is the headquarters of the Campaign For Real Ale?

32 Which was the first of the Garden cities to be built?

33 Who played James Bonds wife when he got married in OHMSS?

34 What is Parthenogenesis?

35 In which South American country could you study at the University of Moron?

36 Apart from being characters in Shakespeare, what do Oberon, Titania, Ariel and Miranda have in common?

37 In which Kent town is the real Pocohontas buried?

38 What does an Arctophile collect?

39 What town did the Romans call Camulodunum?

40 What was the name of the Bronte sisters brother?

41 How many witches were burned at the stake during the Salem witch trials?

42 Conquest, White Heart and Bommerang are all types of what?

43 How is it possible to construct a house so that all the windows face South?

44 What is Ophism?

45 Who were Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons?

46 Where does Rupert the Bear live?

47 What is a Dionea muscipula?

48 In which sport would you "hang ten"?

49 What is the next letter in this sequence - O,T,T,F,F,S,S....?

50 Which BBC Radio station is found on 693 and 909 Medium wave?

51 Which organisation places bibles in hotel rooms?

52 What is the capital of New York state?

53 What would you do with Paraquat?

54 What is the motto of the BBC?

55 What does the J in Arnold J Rimmer (Red Dwarf) stand for?

56 In which sport would you use a "Boilie"?

57 In the Christmas song "The twelve days of Christmas", what was sent on the 11th day?

58 Which rugby team plays at the "Stoop Memorial Ground"?

59 What type of animal is Otis on Children's BBC?

60 Where is Marco Polo Airport?

61 According to the Bible, how old did Methuselah live to be?

62 Which card game has the same name as a British racecourse?

63 Who is the only footballer to have played in 3 winning world cup teams?

64 Which character did Craig McLachlan play in Neighbours?

65 The French call it SIDA. What do we call it?

66 What is John Major's middle name?

67 In which Commonwealth country was Errol Flynn born?

68 Why did a chap called Tyrell have a bad day in the New Forest on 2/08/1100?

69 Julius Caesar was killed on the Ides of March. What day is this?

70 Which suit has the highest scoring value in Bridge?

71 How many Guns of Navarone were there?

72 Which war was started by the defenestration of Prague?

The following are all popular music acts. Work out who they are by the clues, e.g. Profound royal colour = Deep Purple

73 Saints Tipple

74 Recent Toy Soldiers

75 Quick Pips

76 Frenetic Coronation Evangelists

77 Which English novelist invented the post box?

78 Who does Cerys Matthews sing for?

79 What did the Romans mine at Dolau Cothi in Carmarthenshire?

80 What is unusual about the Belgian Beers Kriek and Framboise?

81 At which racecourse did Peter O'Sullivan make his final commentary?

82 Who did the group Rain become?

83 In which children's TV series would you see Tommy Pickles?

84 Who is Simpson's dog?

85 What is the common name given to the medical condition Oedema?

86 Whose real name is Paul Gadd?

87 How many bones are there in the adult human body?

88 What did the Franks commission report on in 1983?

89 For which newspaper does Clark Kent work?

90 Where in Britain is the festival of "Up-Helly-Aa" celebrated?

91 What do the initials CBI stand for?

92 What did the owl and the Pussycat eat off a Runcible spoon?

93 How does Appomattox feature in modern American history?

94 Which British queen had 11 fingers?

95 Where do Walloons live?

96 What is the largest Island in the Mediterranean sea?

97 Who is Maureen Lipman's playright husband?

98 Where was Crossroads set?

99 Who had a hit in 1974 with "The Streak"?

100.Who was the wife of Kurt Weill, who popularised many of his songs?

Of course, we all knew that!

1 Grandma Moses

2 Vaughan Williams

3 John Lithgow

4 They are all Jesters

5 Andorra

6 Terpsichore

7 Wittgenstein

8 Fear of ghosts

9 Felinfoel

10 Cains

11 Uley

12 They are the original horses from which all modern thoroughbreds derive

13 Milking a cow

14 The Sundance kid

15 It has his name spelt wrongly

16 Noo Noo

17 Shredded Wheat

18 Late wit i.e thinking up a witty riposte after the event

19 The African Queen

20 Elvis Costello

21 Zodiac

22 Red

23 They all died in the bath

24 Iolanthe

25 Spangles

26 Dr Johnson

27 1936

28 A very large number

10 to the power of 100

29 French Guiana

30 Delius

31 St Albans

32 Letchworth

33 Diana Rigg

34 Producing offspring without sex

35 Argentina

36 All moons of Uranus

37 Gavesend

38 Bears - particularly teddy bears

39 Colchester

40 Branwell

41 None - they were all hanged

42 Cauliflower

43 Build it at the North Pole

44 Snake worship

45 Hollywood gossip columnists

46 Nutwood

47 A Venus flytrap

48 Surfing

49 E (One, two, three etc...)

50 5 live

51 The Gideons

52 Albany

53 Kill weeds with it

54 Nation shall speak truth unto nation

55 Judas

56 Angling (it is a bait)

57 11 ladies dancing

58 Harlequins

59 An Aardvark

60 Venice

61 969

62 Newmarket

63 Pele

64 Henry Ramsay


66 Roy

67 Australia

68 He shot William the 2nd

69 15th

70 Spades

71 2

72 The 30 year war

73 Matthews Southern Comfort

74 New model army

75 Lightning Seeds

76 Manic Street Preachers

77 Trollope

78 Catatonia

79 Gold

80 They contain fruit

81 Newbury

82 Oasis

83 Rugrats

84 Santa's Little Helper

85 Dropsy

86 Gary Glitter

87 206

88 The Falklands war

89 The Daily Planet

90 Shetland (Lerwick)

91 Confederation of British Industry

92 Mince and slices of quince

93 The Confederates surrended there at the end of the Civil War

94 Anne Boleyn

95 Belgium

96 Sicily

97 Jack Rosentahl

98 Kings Oak

99 Ray Stephens

100 Lotte Lenya