Open Eye: Insurance scheme ensures OU cash

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Students, alumni, staff and friends of the Open University will be able to support the development of their organisation when they take out their next insurance policy under a scheme launched this week.

The OU has combined with CGU Insurance to offer discounted home, motor and travel insurance policies where a set amount of each premium will be donated to the OU's Development Fund.

The Fund was created in 1986 to support innovative projects at the OU which could not be funded by government grants or fees. Initially it supported new vocational programmes such as the fledgling OU Business School, which has become one of the most successful in Europe and the largest provider of MBAs in Britain.

More recently, thanks to donations from graduates, it was able to back initiatives that improve access to OU courses, help establish an NVQ awarding centre in Northern Ireland and support development of Internet-based learning resources such as a 'virtual field trip'.

Kitty Chisholm, Director of Development at the OU, said: "This link with CGU benefits our students, alumni, staff and friends as well as helping the university at the same time. The Development Fund enables the OU to invest in its future.

"Over the last 30 years, 250,000 people have graduated from the OU. Affiliations such as the one with CGU enable the University to improve educational opportunities and services for more and more people throughout the UK.

"Using our link with CGU, we are offering supporters of the OU an ideal opportunity to help the Development Fund through a competitively priced, high quality product from a brand they can trust."

Mike Amphlett, Director of Corporate Partnerships at CGU said: "We are delighted to be able to offer our home, motor and travel insurance services through this link with the Open University.

"We believe that the Open University is a unique institution and at CGU we are cementing an already long-standing relationship with the OU. We worked closely with the University to integrate a suite of their Business School programmes which forms a critical component of our management development strategy."

From 1 February, for every home and motor policy bought through the Open University scheme, CGU is donating pounds 12. A further pounds 12 will be paid on each renewal of the policy.

For every multiple-journey travel policy, CGU donates pounds 5, while pounds 2.50 will be handed over for each single-trip policy.

CGU is also offering an additional five-per-cent introductory discount on OU home and motor policies until 1 May 1999.

If your current policy does not expire until later in the year, CGU will give the five-per-cent discount if you register your interest before that date.

By telephoning the dedicated OU policy line at CGU, you will:

ensure that the OU gets a donation when the policy is purchased and renewed

benefit from exclusive rates and discounts available only through the OU scheme

gain access to free helplines open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, offering advice and contact with local tradesmen and repairers for domestic or motor emergencies

To buy OU/CGU home and motor policies,call 0800 389 0777. For travel policies, call 0800 328 1563. In either case, please quote Open Eye as the source of these offers.