Open Eye: Legends in your own lunchtime

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Cycling historian Adam Hart-Davis teams up with reporter Jayne Constantinis for a tour of Britain in a new series of Hart-Davis on History at 1.40pm each weekday until 26 March on BBC2.

Together they bring a new meaning to the phrase "legends in your own lunch-times."

The pair unearth a rich mix of histories stretching from Bath to Boston, from Doncaster to Dorchester.

They investigate local history from ghost-packed cities to the heritage of Liverpool FC.

They encounter the "Ladies of Llangollen", the celebrated virgins of Regency Europe - and discover the hidden talents of Nottingham's George Green, the miller and self-taught mathematician whose work may have helped Einstein develop the Theory Of Relativity.

"I failed O-Level History." says Hart-Davis. "I'm now a convert, a passionate fan."

A full-colour guide supporting the series is available from the BBC at pounds 4 incl p&p. Call 0181 746 1111 for your copy.