Open Eye Letter: Summer schools

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Many thanks to you and all of those responsible for the publication of Open Eye. In my opinion it is a first-rate publication, extremely useful for programme planning and containing many articles of particular interest. May its success continue for some time to come.

I wish to make specific reference to the article in the January issue Time to speak up for Summer Schools. This was just the enthusiastic defence of the scheme that I would expect from Dr John Kirkaldy. The article deserves to have, by some means or other, a wider circulation as it contains not only the core reasons for Summer Schools, but for Open University study as a whole. The excellence of tutorials and the widening of experience of other humans count highly in all those who have graduated from the University.

John Kirkaldy was my Tutor/Counsellor and brought the same high level of sense and sensibility to me as an individual as he brings to his subject in this article. He helped me through a difficult period during my second year course having fixed my interest with his history teaching during my Arts Foundation course. This changed my life and history is now a dominant component within it.

I wholly support the idea of Summer Schools and feel they should be retained wherever possible. The net gains must be used in support of them and John Kirkaldy has put the case in admirable fashion.

RGP Mathews