Open Eye: Music, electricity and jealousy earn this year's postgrad awards

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Each year the faculties of Arts, Science, Technology, Social Sciences, and of Mathematics and Computing are invited to nominate post graduate students to be recipients of the AOUG Foundation for Education Awards.

They must be graduates of the Open University, not employed by the OU, and in their ultimate or penultimate year of study. This year's winners were:

Bernard Gates (AOUG Chancellor Asa Briggs Award), nominated by the Arts faculty for his thesis on the codification of pitch elements in the early atonal music of Alban Berg;

Adrian Patrick, nominated by the Technology faculty (AOUG Baroness Lee of Asheridge Award) for his research on A Communications Architecture for the Electricity Supply Industry;

Angela Burns for her studies in accounts of jealousy in romantic relationships (AOUG Walter Perry Award) - made within the Social Sciences faculty.

The Awards were presented in the Lecture Theatre at Walton Hall in the presence of the Vice-Chancellor, members of OU staff, the recipients' families and friends and members of the Association.

A buffet lunch preceded a conducted tour of the Walton Hall campus for Association members.