Open Eye: Never mind the old movies, try our Boxing Day quiz

Open Eye presents another teaser for the festive season, compiled by Martin Heighway with Heather Shorter. Answers in the January edition
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Quotes from the year: What were these people talking about?

1 "I want a law that is going to control them. I don't think you are ever going to be able to ban them, but the legal playing field isn't level"

(a) Enormous Trees (b) The M.C.C (c) Ex M16 whistleblowers

2 "You are not talking about something from the DIY store which may collapse after a year or two". (a) The overbudget and late new British Library (b) The overbudget and late new air traffic control centre (c) Wallpaper

3 "The God I believe in doesn't care if I have breasts or not. He cares about the soul" (a) The Eurovision Song Contest (b) Being a male anti- harassment officer at OU summer school (c) The Lambeth Conference debate on sexuality and religion.

4 "There were just 4 racers who went off after it and everyone escaped unscathed. It was a great success." (a) Multiple pile up at Belgian Grand Prix (b) A real hare invading the Greyhound Derby (c) Cheese

5 "Its just a load of old blimps holding us up." (a) The FA (b) The MCC (c) The All England Club

Christmas in literature. Which authors wrote the following?

6 Old Wardle led the way to a pretty large sheet of ice; and the fat boy and Mr Weller having shovelled and swept away the snow which had fallen on during the night, Mr Bob Sawyer adjusted his skates with a dexterity which to Mr Winkle was perfectly marvellous, and prescribed circles with his left leg.

7 "Merry Christmas, Marmee! Many of them! Thank you for our books; we read some and mean to everyday," they cried in chorus."

8 "Come on!", cried Mr Beaver, who was almost dancing with delight. "Come and see! This is a nasty knock for the Witch! It looks as if her power was already crumbling."

9 The day before Christmas, they came. Laura and Mary heard the gay ringing of sleigh bells, growing louder every moment... when they all came in, the little house was full and running over

10 "I think it must be the Field Mice," replied the Mole, with a touch of pride in his manner. "They go round carol singing regularly at this time of the year."

11 Ursula must weave mistletoe over the door, and over the screen, and hang a silver dove from a sprig of yew, `til dusk came down, and the church was like a grove

12 Sunday, Christmas Day 1870. The morning was most brilliant. Walked to the Sunday school with Gibbins and the road sparkled with millions of rainbows, the seven colours gleaming in every glittering point of hoar frost. The church was very cold in spite of two roaring stove fires.

13 All the Christmases roll down the hill towards the Welsh speaking sea like a snowball growing whiter and bigger and rounder, like a cold and headlong moon bundling down the sky that was our street

14 Christmas Day 1662. Had a pleasant walk to Whitehall where I intended to have received Communion with the family, but I came a little too late

15 "Honestly!" Mrs Bird exclaimed, as she was joined by the others. "What does that bear look like? A paper hat about two sizes too big on his head - Mr Gruber's scrapbook in one paw - and a plate of Christmas pudding in the other "

Review of the year. All the following made the news in 1998.

16 Why did Joan Yaxley, 77 get into trouble at Crystal Palace? (a) Invading the pitch during a game (b) Feeding a Womble dessert (c) Attending all night raves with her octagenarian husband.

17 Why was a retired Navy pilot, Mr Alfonso Nino, of Nipomo, California, annoyed in April? (a) He was recalled for military service (b) He received a tax demand for $1M (c) He was blamed for making it rain.

18 Who had a brush with V and G Newman of Malmesbury, Wilts (a) Pinky and Perky (b) Butch and Sundance (c) Robson and Jerome.

19 What injured 800 holidaymakers in Torbay in August? (a) Jellyfish (b) Razorfish (c) Ferocious Killer Spindley Fish.

20 Which actor pledged pounds 1m to save Snowdon for the nation?

21 Which man in a white suit married Fiona Goddard,27 years his junior?

22 Which British explorer became the first to climb the highest mountains on each continent, and reach North and South magnetic and geographic poles?

23 Which fly-on-the-wall documentary was shelved after one episode after allegations that the producer owned some of the locations used?

24 Who scored Arsenal's irst goal in the F.A.Cup?

25 Which member of the Royal family suffered a mild stroke in February?

Festive Feasting

26 What word, taken from the Saxon for "Good health", described a bowl of punch which was drunk at Christmas in years past?

27 What name was given to a dish made from boiled wheat grains, flavoured with crushed almonds, milk, egg yolks and honey, eaten on Christmas morning?

28 Why did the Christmas menu at Voisins Restaurant in Paris in 1870 include braised kangaroo, Antelope Pate and Cat garnished with Rats?

29 According to lore, which way should an Christmas pudding be stirred?

30 Which Christmas item developed from small bags of French sweets, wrapped so that they had to be tugged hard before they would open?

Christmas Lore

31 Which plant is said to have originally been a tree, but shrank to its present size with shame after being used to make the Holy Cross?

32 What name was given to individuals chosen at the start of Christmas in medieval courts to organise the revels?

33 What special power is said to be bestowed on animals such as oxen and sheep at midnight on Christmas Eve?

34 What, according to superstition, does a hot Christmas make for?

35 What birds were traditionally hunted on Boxing Day, it being believed that they could help tell the future?

Christmas around the world

36 In which country does an old woman called Befana bring presents to good children on the eve of January 6?

37 Now common around the world, what was first produced by John Calcott Horsley for Sir Henry Cole in 1843?

38 Although several versions of the tale exist, which Christmas carol is said to have been written on Christmas Eve 1818 in a village near Saltzburg, after mice had eaten part of the church organ, necessitating a tune that could be played on a guitar?

Where were (or possibly still are) the following Christmas customs observed

39 The Mari Lwyd.

40 The Hodening Horse.

41 The Haxey Hood Game.

42 In which Yorkshire town have the church bells tolled the Devil's knell in the minutes up to Christmas, then pealing out on the stroke of midnight to celebrate Christ's birth?

43 What is photinia arbutifolia ?

44 How would the absence of Christmas factor affect a human body?

45 Who received a telegram on Christmas Day 1864 stating, "I beg to present you as a Christmas gift the city of Savannah"?

From which Christmas hits do the following opening lines come?

46 Now I know what a fool I've been, but if you kissed me now, I know you'd fool me again.

47 Hey, Mr Churchill, comes over here, To say we're doing splendidly.

48 Are you hanging up a stocking on the wall?

49 The nights are colder now - maybe I should close the door, and anyway the snow has covered all your footsteps, and I can follow you no more.

50 Bah humbug, well that's too strong, 'cos it's my favourite holiday

51 What was the name of the dog in The Wizard of Oz ?

52 What is the main ingredient of Stargazy Pie that gives it its name?

53 Which bird would you identify with the mythical Halcyon?

54 Which famous cook is on the board of Norwich City FC?

55 What would you be growing if you planted a variety called Big Boy?

56 Which word sounds the same even when you take off the last four letters?

57 What is an American's John Hancock?

58 What does a Campbell-Stokes Recorder record?

59 Which Derbyshire town gives its name to a tart?

60 Who is the patron saint of grocers?

Name the group e.g. Dark Sunday = Black Sabbath

61 Ready-made vegetable

62 First shriek

63 Twirling medics

64 Rosy chef

65 Detective's mixed hues

66 Officer bird

67 Treacherous vicar

The surnames of these sportsmen are all place names

68 Justin (football)

69 Dominic (cricket)

70 Gareth (football)

71 Dion (football)

72 Why might a person who suffers from pogonophobia be frightened of Father Christmas?

73 Who had a top ten hit with Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me in 1957?

74 Who invented the Christmas cracker in 1860?

75 What did Carl C Magee invent in 1935, still seen on our streets today?

76 Who wrote the poem Journey of the Magi?

77 AWhat did my true love send to me on the ninth day of Christmas?

78 When was the slogan Post Early for Christmas first used? 1880, 1890 or 1900?

79 Who recorded Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me in 1974?

80 Which Oscar-winning Disney film featured the song The Circle of Life?

81 Which two brothers played for Manchester United in the 1977 FA Cup?

82 In which city did the gunfight at the OK Corral take place?

83 What is Capability Brown's real first name?

84 What wine comes from the vineyards on the slopes of Vesuvius?

85 Who captained the winning French team in this year's World Cup?

86 Where did Selfridge's open its first store outside London this year?

87 What "creature" is expected to be this year's Christmas toy craze?

88 Which Spanish town was bombed by the Luftwaffe and painted by Picasso?

89 What is the name of Antony Gormley's 64ft sculpture at Gateshead?

90 What is stored in a Leyden Jar?

91 Which animal will represent 1999 in the Chinese calendar?

Explain the following, eg 7 D of T W = 7 Days of The Week

92 4 H O the A

93 206 B in T B

94 66 B in T B

95 6 P on T S O D

96 49 N I the N L

97 37 P by W S

98 3 C I a F

99 Where is Laxey Wheel?

100 Who is said to have been first to decorate Christmas trees with candles?

The remaining questions are for youngsters. Some of them may need some research - so could be set as a holiday challenge.

101 According to a popular poem, Santa Clause has 8 reindeer. Can you name them.

Where in the world do the following Christmas characters appear:

102 Black Peter

103 Kriss Kringle

104 St Lucy,

105 Jultomten,

106 The Great Ukko.

107 In which US state is the town of Santa Claus?

108 What is the name of the pot, sometimes shaped like a donkey, beaten with a stick by blindfolded Mexican children to release presents?

109 Which Commonwealth country has sovereignty over Christmas Island?

110 What was planted at Glastonbury, that is supposed to flower on Christmas Day?

111 What does viscum album give you a license to steal?

Where would you eat the following Christmas goodies

112 Lebkuchen?

113 Buche de Noel?

114 How many lords-a-leaping can you expect to receive during Christmas?

115 Which pink and yellow character had a Christmas No 1 in the 1990s?

116 Who did Joseph hear singing, as he was a-walking?

117 Who plays Scrooge in The Muppet Christmas Carol?

118 What Jewish festival more or less coincides with the Christmas festival?

119 Which two gospels mention the birth of Christ?

120 What was Aramaic?

121 Which Roman emperor decreed the census that meant Jesus and Mary had to travel to Bethleham?

122 Which famous British scientist was born on Christmas Day?

123 Who crossed the Delaware on Christmas Day 1776?

124 Which English king was crowned on Christmas Day 1066?

125 Who wrote the Christmas Oratorio?