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The OU is going from strength to strength - and here's the proof
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Bursaries for women An Open University Business School course for people working in voluntary and non-profit enterprises has won its place in history as the first fundraisers' course to be accredited.

All successful students of "Winning Resources and Support" (B794) over the last four years can now apply for the Certificate in Fundraising Management, accredited by the Institute of Charity Fundraising Managers Trust. The accreditation recognises the OU as a licensed provider of training.

Bursaries for women

Acknowledging that bringing up a child can be one of the most difficult tasks anyone can face, the OU has produced a study pack, Confident Parents, Confident Children, for parents with children aged two to eight.

The pack is designed to help parents become both confident and competent in providing an enriched, fulfilled upbringing for their children, while at the same time acknowledging their own needs as parents.

It results from the OU's 20-year experience of supporting parent-education initiatives across the UK. It comes at a time when many parents feel pressured balancing work and family, preparing children for a risky and uncertain world and responding to changing values and expectations, and this pack aims to help parents develop their skills and rediscover the delights and rewards of raising children.

Topics covered include development of self-esteem (both of parent and child); open and honest communication with children; building loving and accepting relationships; promoting personal growth; getting help and evaluating advice; and children's rights. A group leader pack is also available for professionals and volunteer co-ordinators working in parenting education projects.

Copies of the pack (pounds 14.99) and information are available from Betty Morris, information officer, the Open University, Milton Keynes MK7 6AA (tel: 01908 653743; fax: 01908 654124; e-mail