Open Eye: On-line value for only pounds 1 a month

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Hundreds of people rang last month to take advantage of the exclusive Open Eye offer to gain full Internet access for only one pound a month.

To join them, simply call 0870 6070797, mention Open Eye, and await delivery of your CD.

All you do is load the disk and follow the instructions on your screen.

For Apple Macintosh users, access is even easier: you simply join the system by telephone.

For as little as pounds 1 a month you can access the world of the Internet for a full hour. Thereafter, your online time costs only a penny a minute - up to a maximum of pounds 6.50 per month - in addition, of course, to the call cost from BT or your local telecomms company.

In other words, pounds 6.50 (which is the basic price for many Internet providers) is the maximum you will ever pay for full access, as long as you like, during a month. We think this is much better value than the so-called "free" services which generally involve calls to premium-rate helplines.

Logging on to our service connects you directly with the homepage of the OU Link - - and to your e-mail access.

In addition to your OU alumni association entitlement of a permanent e-mail address - which typically is - the disk also allows an additional five different e-mail addresses which is usually sufficent for an entire family, plus space for your own website.

The offer is open to all OU alumni - that includes everyone who has successfully completed at least one OU course, plus staff, supporters, and friends of the OU.