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Sunday 9 May 1999

20:00 Accents Speak Louder than Words (LANG096/1)

Everyone has an accent and many people, consciously or unconsciously, make judgments about others based upon it.

20:30 Whose Knowledge Counts (T008/5)

Development aid has typically meant experts giving advice to poor people in distant countries - but maybe the local community knows best.

21:00 pm A Life Apart (A205/7)

Catherine King explores the ways in which many women found independence during the 16th century by taking up a monastic life.

21:20 pm Psychology and Public Consciousness (D317/6)

From royal divorce to serial killers, psychologists are now being called on to give their expert opinions in many fields. But how much attention do we pay to what they say?

21:40 American Conversations: David Brower (D214/1)

The founder of Friends of the Earth talks about the early days of his involvement with the environmental movement in the USA.

Sunday 16 May 1999

20:00 Live or Let Die (LANG096/2)

What makes a language live or die? From Cornish to Hebrew, this programme looks at a number of languages which are endangered, dead and reborn.

20:30 pm The Benefits of War (T008/6)

Wars are fought to be won, aren't they? But is that really what most modern conflicts are about?

21:00 pm Renaissance Music (A205/3)

As in painting, sculpture and architecture, the Renaissance marked a radical change in music.

21:20 pm How Special a Relationship? (D103/7)

The UK likes to think that it has a favoured position in American eyes. This may have been true at one time, but what about now?

21:40 pm What a Way to Go (K260/1)

In today's multicultural society, how are funerals changing and how have different religious communities adapted their rituals to the UK?

Sunday 23 May 1999

We regret that programme schedules for the early part of this evening were not available as Open Eye went to press

21:00 pm Reformers and Secular Authority (A205/8)

Exploring the views of two religious

reformers - Martin Luther and John Calvin.

21:20 Disability and Psychology (D317/2)

What difference does a personal experience of disability make to professionals involved in the field?

21:40 American Conversations: Hugh Sidey (D214/2)

The distinguished American journalist reflects on the changes he's seen in 40 years covering the US political scene.

Sunday 30 May 1999

20:00 Scientifically Speaking (LANG096/4)

Efforts to create machines which can reproduce even partially the human's ability to listen and speak.

21:00 Marxism and Art (A316/5)

Exploring the contradictions in Karl Marx's views of modern art.

21:20 Psychology, Race and Racism (D317/7)

Tracing the changing attitudes of psychologists from the extremes of the 19th century when some believed in exterminating 'inferior' people.

21:40 The Jewish Enigma: Exodus (PH722/3)

Jewish history and migration have intertwined for millennia but the geographic fragmentation of the people has engendered a global Jewish consciousness.