Open Eye: Penitent Stool

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Apologies for that, and to the small number of readers who spotted that the motto of the BBC was actually Nation shall speak peace unto nation (instead, interesting idea that it would be, of speaking truth, which is how we had it).

We did think of saying that it was intentionally inserted as a ploy to test how many people were paying attention to the answers.

Instead, we opted to speak truth unto you, and glumly admit the mistake.

There will be another, 150-question, quiz in the December issue designed to provide something for families to do on Boxing Day.

Quiz compiler Martin - "Open" - Heighway may this time be tempted to avoid questions on Rugby or on the Beeb, and the pre-checked answers will appear in Open Eye, inside The Independent, on the first Thursday of the last year of this millennium.

If you don't do it already, it is a good idea to mark all first Thursdays - 5 November, 3 December, and 7 January are the next three - in your diary.

For readers who are on-line, there is another reminder of the publication dates permanently running through the foot of the entrypage of the Alumni Association website at - and we intend soon to have a link directly to the web version of Open Eye. -Ed