Open Eye: Relocate to a VIP address

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Long before Education, Education, Education was a trilogy, we had Location, Location, Location. Now you can relocate to a VIP address for only a pound a month - or ten pounds for a year (all plus Vat).

Open Eye has negotiated a special deal on behalf of its readers. They can now have unlimited access to the Internet at these exclusive rates. Better still, all call charges will be billed as local calls. Five free e-mail accounts are also included in the package with a prestigious e- mail address: yourname@ouvip. This means up to four other members of your family or friends can also benefit from the service. They can surf the net and make virtualvisits to sites of interest whether educational, recreational or informative. It is also an easy and economical way to keep in touch with friends or colleagues.

It all adds up to a cost-effective way to gather the information you need. The service also provides the opportunity to create a web page of your own. The package includes 5mb of free web space for you to play on to your heart's content.The service is V90 compliant and supports ISDN dial-up giving you high speed access to the Internet.

All you need do to is phone 0870 6070797 for a disk. The software is simple to use and continually upgraded.