Open Eye: Show your pride in the OU

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HAVE WE got your number! We have designed a rear number-plate for membersof the Alumni Association that distinguishes them from the motoring herd.

It replaces the new-fangled EU logo with an even more easily recognisable OU symbol, and the words Open University Alumni Association run along thebottom of the plate where you might instead be carrying free advertising for your car dealer.

If you can't be bothered to fix the plate to your car it makes a neat decoration for your study wall - and if you take that option the plate could have any lettering you required.

The specially-designed rear number plates will make an excellent and inexpensive Christmas present for an OU graduate or student.

They cost only pounds 10 plus Vat (pounds 11.75) and are available by post from OU Alumni Association, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes MK7 6AA. Please make out cheques to OU Worldwide.

The OU Foundation receives a donation from every plate sold. Please print your registration number very clearly, and allow 21 days for delivery.

Please note: some plates (eg, those with a lot of Ms or Ws) may need to be printed closer together than is strictly desired by the letter (no pun intended) of the law, although number-plate legislation is likely to change as the EU plate is introduced. Most will, however, conform to the relevant British standard.

People with all sorts of weird and wonderful type-faces on their plates generally keep the originals handy for their MoT (just so you realise that we have done some research.)