Open Eye: Teaching English to teachers in Brazil

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The Brazilian government has given the go-ahead to the development of a new OU course for teachers of English in Brazil.

Teaching and Learning English (E590) will be launched as a pilot in Brazil in March 2000, and it is hoped will be extended to other Latin American countries. The course will enable teachers to develop better techniques for teaching English and assessing pupils' progress, and improve their own knowledge of English and its use as a world language. Vicky Amos, Business Development Manager for Open University Worldwide, who has been working closely on the project with Dr Neil Mercer, Professor of Language and Communications in the School of Education, said: "By keeping tabs on what is going on in Brazil, we were able to identify that there was likely to be a need among teachers for a course in English teaching."

A recent change in the law has made it mandatory for pupils to learn a second language, usually English. This has created a need for Brazilian teachers to improve their English and be skilled in teaching it effectively.

The course is being developed in partnership with the British Council. It will cover: The World of English, Issues in the Teaching and Learning of English, English in the Classroom and Issues in Assessment. It is likely to be about 120 hours of study over 10 weeks and will include a specially written Study Guide, a set book, a video and an audio cassette.

This initiative follows the previous month's launch of USOU - the University in the USA - which is now offering the popular OU business course, The Capable Manager, to a pilot intake of American students. In autumn the pilot will be expanded to include a Bachelor of Science (Computing) and a range of OU undergraduate courses, leading to a BA with majors in European Studies and International Studies

Next year USOU plans to offer an MBA and a Masters in Computing, and is also looking at post-graduate level short courses in specialist professional computing areas.

For further details, contact Vicky Amos at Open University Worldwide on 01908 58763.