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Programmes in the open.saturday and open.sunday series provide an easy-to-watch introduction to education on the box.

Saturday Aug 8

The Death of Daddy

The breakdown of the traditional family group has been blamed for a multitude of social ills, but should we be looking at the modern family in a positive light?

This programme focuses on the changing role of fathers and ask s if 'the family' is an outdated concept.

Sunday Aug 9

Powers of the Presidents: Nixon and Ford

Nixon's account of Vietnam and the Cambodian invasion, the opening to China and the need for secret diplomacy. President Ford provides his account of the fall of Saigon, the Mayaguez incident and the Vladivostok Summit.

Saturday Aug 15

Sun, Sand, Sea and Science

Whether you love lazing in the sun, examining rockpools, walking on sand or listening to the tide, there's something for everyone to fascinate. We examine the appeal and power of both the sea and sun.

What's the latest on the ozone layer? Is it safe to swim in the sea? What's really going on beneath the ocean waves?

Sunday Aug 16

Open Mind: Relationships

Professor Pepper Schwartz interviews two couples, one gay and one lesbian, to illustrate some research findings in her book. The programme also includes video diaries made by the couples over a period of three months.

Saturday Aug 22

The Future of History

What is time? Why do our perceptions of time vary so differently? How have people throughout history tried to measure it? Physicists and historians, among others, will contribute to this morning's fascinating look at the nature of time.

Sunday Aug 23

Open Mind: Facial Expressions

This programme looks into the nature of the CHI squared stats test, the nature of statistical confidence intervals and the influence of sample size and experimental design on experimental results. These ideas are explored in the work of the experimental psychologist Simon Baron-Choen.

Saturday Aug 29

Hype, Hysteria and Fluffy Bunnies

Why has society undergone such upheavals during the past 20 years? Will we all benefit from caring for each other, or should we be more grasping and self centred? The role of the welfare state, charities and political aspects of social reform. And a look at reaction to last year's death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Sunday Aug 30

Open Mind: Notting Hill

Controlling carnival crowds. Using a combination of studio, location and archive footage, this programme explores the attitudes of both the crowds and the police to explain why sometimes there's violence at the Notting Hill Carnival.