Plan to give circus skills to youths is awarded almost £1m

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An initiative to boost the development of young people in a deprived community by teaching them circus skills has been awarded almost £1m of National Lottery money.

The New Opportunities Fund has awarded £987,588 to the Kerrier Healthy Living Centre, in Cornwall, part of which will be used to teach youngsters trapeze artistry, tightrope walking, face painting and many more skills usually reserved for the Big Top.

It is believed these skills, as part of a comprehensive new service, will help the local community and disadvantaged youngsters come to terms with their deprived social environment.

The centre is one of 11 projects to receive funding of £8,627,042 from the New Opportunities Fund, which distributes National Lottery money to health, education and environment projects across the UK.

Kerrie Redington, the project's bid co-ordinator and spokeswoman, said: "The circus element is something new which has not been available before and there are a huge range of benefits, including the physical boost of exercise, fitness and learning to balance.

"It is also entertaining and popular, it is fun and makes people laugh and it will boost their confidence, we have no doubt of that."