Punish bullies and their 'cheerleaders', schools told in gang culture clampdown

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People hiding guns for criminals will be able to hand them in with no questions asked, under plans being drawn up by Home Office ministers and the police.

Members of the public who know where guns are stashed will be able to anonymously tip off an intermediary without fear of arrest. The go-between will not only protect the identity of the informer but hand in the gun to the police.

The scheme is being planned for areas with acute gun crime issues," A Home Office spokesman said. "This is something we are taking forward and we are currently in discussions with police."

The Government is also planning to target schools in areas where gangs operate. Anti-bullying guidance to be sent out this term to schools will advise teachers on how to stop children mimicking and idolising gang culture and forming their own gangs.

The guidance will warn of the danger of students who have recently left school returning to recruit younger children. Schools are also to be told to stop pupils wearing gang colours – baseball caps, insignia and bandanas – as a fashion statement in the classroom. They will be given guidance on how to root out ringleaders of student gangs who are bullying other children and punish them and their "cheerleaders".

Teachers will be urged to work with police to ensure pupils are not being intimidated, and to explain the seriousness of gang culture. One government source said: "This is for the schools where there are gangs in the community. Children mimick gangs even if they are not members."