Pupils pick 'wrong' A-levels

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Bright pupils may be unwittingly ruining their chances of obtaining a place in one of Britain's top universities by choosing the wrong A-level courses, says a report published today.

An analysis of acceptances at 27 leading universities shows the vast majority favour traditional A-levels over "softer subjects" such as law, media studies and psychology – yet do not spell that out in admissions statements.

The study, by the think-tank Policy Exchange, shows that children attending comprehensive schools are far more likely to opt for the non-traditional subjects.

"While universities have the right to make their own decisions about whether a subject provides the right preparation for a course or not, the current lack of transparency is unacceptable," said Anna Fazackerly, Policy Exchange's research director.

She added: "Subject choice has become yet another hurdle that may prevent students from less disadvantaged families achieving their full academic potential."