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Everyone in the team would agree that we are absolutely as good as them. David Lloyd, England cricket coach, after the 242-run Test defeat to West Indies.

I picked up my artificial arm and threatened it. Matthew Butson, New Zealand Paralympic skier, on the wild monkey that leaped into his hotel room from the balcony.

At the start of the season you're strong, but you must be as strong in March, when the fish are down. Gianluca Vialli, Chelsea player-manager.

I was never 100 per cent sold on him. And it looks as if I have been proved right. Mike McDonald, Sheff-ield Utd chairman, on the resignation of Nigel Spackman as manager.

A lot of attitudes have changed but you still get the obvious knockers. Julia Lee, rugby league referee, on how spectators react to her.

There was no talk of an apology. No talk of the incident. Jacques Villeneuve, Formula 1 world champion, after meeting Michael Schumacher by chance in Melbourne this week.

My driving was terrible today. The best part of my game lately has been driving the cart. Casey Martin, disabled golfer who recently won the right to use his cart in Tour events, on his return to competition, in Texas.

Obnoxious, the Goon from Troon, golf's Gael-force windbag. Sports Illustrated editorial on Colin Montgomerie.