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l I don't care who he plays for. But if he wants to be in the World Cup he has to start playing again. Glenn Hoddle, England football coach, on Paul Gascoigne.

l Behind the scenes at Maine Road there are some very insincere people who have tried to blacken my name during my tenancy as chairman. I could have got rid of some of those people, but when they had gone they would have been an even bigger menace. Francis Lee, on resigning as Manchester City FC chairman.

l If Lee thinks he's had it bad over the past few weeks, it's just chicken feed to what Peter Swales had to endure. Lee was like a Second World War soldier, while Swales was a First World War infantryman in comparison - that's the difference between what they had to endure. Chris Muir, a former City director.

l I've been in football for 38 years and I've never been treated like anything like that in my life before. The stewards took me upstairs and downstairs to the right and to the left, and the police were with them as well. I will be protesting about the way I was treated. A manager should not be taken away like that. Luis Aragones, the coach of Real Betis, who was expelled from the bench during Thursday's European Cup-Winners' Cup tie at Chelsea.

l Have you got any handcuffs? Douglas Hall, Newcastle United vice-chairman, allegedly in a Spanish brothel, according to the News of the World.