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I would say that team spirit was the real star of the season. Arsene Wenger, explains why Arsenal won the Premiership.

Two people have died today - an alcoholic [the actor Kevin Lloyd] and an ex-footballer [Justin Fashanu]. When you put it into that kind of perspective it is only a football game. Tony Adams, Arsenal's one-time heavy drinking captain, waxes philosophical after securing the Premiership title.

We recognise what champions are made of and after 10 straight wins you have to hold your hands up to Arsenal. They deserve our praise. Alex Ferguson, Manchester United's manager, shows graciousness after surrendering the Premiership crown.

Failure over such a period is inexcusable and cannot be explained by bad luck or chance. David Bernstein, Manchester City's chairman, apologises to the club's fans for two decades of failure that has left them in the Second Division next season.

I've taken over as No 1 from possibly the greatest player of all time. John Higgins, the new world snooker champion on reaching the top of the world rankings.

It was awful. I knew there was something wrong. Sergei Devakov, the Ukrainian whose opponent, Spencer Oliver, underwent brain surgery after their European title fight.

They must have the will to win, be desperate for success. Alec Stewart, England new cricket captain, on the qualities England players must possess.