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"He tried to take me off but didn't do it well enough as he only broke his car. If you're capable of living with that weight on your shoulders, then good for you, but that's not how I would play it myself." Jacques Villenueve on Michael Schumacher's attempts to deny him the Formula One world championship in Spain.

"I did nothing wrong. There have been happier days in my life, but this is racing. You have good days and bad days - this is one of the bad ones." Michael Schumacher.

"There will be a lot of crosses, Ray Houghton will run and run and run, and Tony Cascarino will be a danger - even when he's dead he'll be picking the right moment and scoring from his grave." Georges Leekens, the Belgium coach, assessing the Republic of Ireland football team.

"I needed to feel I had the support of the team, which I felt I had. I needed to think we had a reasonable chance of success in the West Indies - and I do." Michael Atherton on his decision to stay on as England cricket captain.