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I don't want to lose every game. I don't sit there and have any more enjoyment than the fans do. Peter Johnson, Everton chairman, on the barracking he has received.

Everton is a house on fire, the walls are down and, if the blaze isn't put out soon, it will engulf the entire club. Alan Ball, formerly of Everton, after defeat to Aston Villa.

The training ground will not turn into Colditz Camp. Alan Sugar, Spurs chairman, on his new coach, Christian Gross.

I could get Spurs into the top six and into Europe. Uri Geller volunteers his services.

All we asked is for some respect towards our culture. That kind of behaviour has no place on the field. John Hart, New Zealand coach, on England's reaction to the haka.

The current structure of English rugby is laughable. I don't think there is a country in the world in a worse position to generate a successful national side. Clive Woodward, England rugby union coach.

If we did it properly, our Test players would play three or four Championship matches a season. David Graveney, England chairman of selectors, on his plan to withdraw Test players from county matches.