Radical changes on way for exam system, says Gove

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A shake-up of GCSE exams will see more weight given to grammar, punctuation and spelling in all subjects, Education Secretary Michael Gove said yesterday.

He told BBC1's Andrew Marr Show that he will announce the sweeping changes later this week. They will include placing more emphasis on the final exam at the end of two years of study, ending the process whereby pupils can resit modules throughout their two years to improve grades.

Marks will also be awarded in all subjects for good grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Teachers' leaders will oppose a return to the more traditional end-of-year exam, arguing that if people can resit driving tests as often as they want, why not exams?

However, Mr Gove said standards in the UK were failing to rise as fast as in competitor nations such as Canada, Singapore and South Korea and that the changes – due to be introduced next year – would "prepare people better for real life and universities".