Sacked dinner lady to appeal to tribunal

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A primary school dinner lady sacked after telling a parent that his seven-year-old daughter had been bullied is likely to challenge her dismissal at an employment tribunal, union officials say.

Carol Hill, 60, who lost her job at Great Tey Primary School in Great Tey, Essex, in September, failed yesterday in a bid to persuade governors to reinstate her.

Mrs Hill, who lives near the school, was disciplined for a "breach of confidentiality" after telling how the youngster had been whipped with a skipping rope by other pupils.

Governors discussed Mrs Hill's appeal during a day-long meeting in nearby Colchester before deciding to uphold the dismissal decision.

Union Unison said Mrs Hill was considering appealing to an industrial tribunal.

"We were shocked that her appeal to a panel of governors failed," said a Unison spokesman.

"She has a really strong case and was very disappointed. We will be discussing the options with her.

"But the next line of appeal is an employment tribunal and I think it is likely that is the line we will go down. Any hearing will of course be some months away."

The school refused to comment.