Sport On The Internet: Williams lead F1 web race

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With the Formula One world championship to be decided next weekend in Jerez, motor racing's wide array of web sites are likely to be particularly busy over the next week.

As Williams dominate on the track with their cars, so the best web sites for the teams are Rothmans Racing, which has all the Williams information, and Renault.

The Rothmans' site has details on all the tracks, reports on this year's races, which manage to be objective, technical specs of the cars and Villeneuve's and Frentzen's diaries for each race.

Renault covers similar ground, but has a good links section to other related sites. Williams is also involved in the Autoweb'97 which carries both up-to-the-minute news, an archive of news through the season and pieces on all the drivers.

Another good site is Gale Force F1 which carries all the expected reports, but in addition does have some interesting statistics for the 1997 season, including most crashes (Eddie Irvine 5), most unreliable car (Stewart - 25 breakdowns) and most completed laps (Jean Alesi followed, surprisingly, by Mika Salo).

Many of the circuits have their own web sites as well, with Monaco and Silverstone two of the better ones.

Various drivers have unofficial web sites, with the late Ayrton Senna the most popular with 10 sites, followed by Jacques Villeneuve with seven and Michael Schumacher and Damon Hill with five.

At the Ayrton Senna Memorial site you can even get your Ayrton Senna Master Card. Somehow I can't quite imagine Damon Hill's face adding to your credit rating.

For those who find Formula One rather too slow for their taste, then they can always log in to the Thrust site to read about the supersonic exploits in the Nevada desert.



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