Sport: Quotes of the week

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The captaincy has never been a burden to me. Mike Atherton, resigning as England cricket captain.

We had suffered a bad defeat. We had lost a captain after 52 Tests and we had players who were very disappointed with their own games. There was nothing that really needed to be said by me. I've said enough in the past. David Lloyd, England's cricket coach, after the final Test defeat in Antigua.

The most important thing is to get Rangers into the Premiership. Paul Gascoigne forgets that he has moved to Middlesbrough.

I'm beating demons every day but there has always been an angel on my shoulder looking after me. John Daly, on his battle with booze as he clocks up a year off the bottle.

I could hear bells long afterwards. Gunnar Krantz, Swedish Match's skipper, after being hit in the ear by a flying fish in the Whitbread yacht race.