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Yes, I was drunk. I got drunk quite quickly - I'd not had a drink in nine days. Paul Gascoigne on events the night before he was dropped from England's World Cup football squad.

I went out on a limb for him. I tried so many times to make him see what he had to do, at the age of 31, to deal with the modern game. It is very sad, we'll miss him. Glenn Hoddle, England coach, on dropping Gascoigne.

I completely lost it. I went mad, berserk. I lost my rag big time. I was shouting and swearing. Gascoigne explains how he took the news.

Maybe it would not have mattered if he had not played in any of the first-round matches. But there would still have been time to get something out of him. Terry Venables, Hoddle's predecessor, on why he would have chosen Gascoigne.

It was a strange day and a difficult one for all concerned. Hoddle on telling Gascoigne and five other players they were not going to the World Cup.

On Sunday or Monday I suspect I might have used stronger language about what my views are on Glenn Hoddle and the English management. But I have to be restrained. Mel Stein, Gascoigne's agent, who said the player had been treated like a Nazi war criminal.