Sport: Quotes of the week

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If they ask me who's the best of both of us, I've got to say my opinion. I've got to say I can box five different ways. Naseem Hamed in New York to defend his world title, on his claim to be a better boxer than Muhammad Ali.

If he tried that act in the streets of New York, guys that couldn't kill him with their bare hands would shoot him. Anybody who has to tell you they're great - it means they ain't. Kevin Kelley, Hamed's challenger, on his braggadocio.

My aunt, who is a religious lady and doesn't speak bad about anybody, called me the other day and said, `Kevin, I saw those commercials and he's so nasty. That's not God-like. You need to give him a beating.' Kelley.

At the end of the day I am a fan and I don't want scally Manchester City fans coming round my house putting my windows in when City are in the Third Division. Noel Gallagher on why he won't be joining the board.