Teacher loses job over topless photograph

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A schoolteacher has been fired from a boys' grammar school after appearing topless in a magazine.

Kristina Howells, 33, appeared in Cosmopolitan, the women's magazine for "fun, fearless females", in an article entitled "How Normal Are Your Breasts?". And she told a national newspaper how losing weight helped put the zing back into her love life in an article headlined "Losing Weight Put The Sizzle Back Into Sex".

But her frank revelations resulted in the temporary music teacher being sacked from the Harvey Grammar School in Folkestone, Kent.

The deputy headteacher Phil Harding, said: "The school has informed the teaching supply agency for which [Ms Howells] is employed that her services at the Harvey are no longer required."

A Cosmopolitan spokeswoman, Caroline Wood said: "Cosmopolitan ran a responsible health and body-confidence feature on the differing sizes and shapes of women's breasts."