Teacher sacked for tipping off pupils about exam topics

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A teacher at one of the leading independent schools in the UK was struck off yesterday for sending emails to pupils about topics coming up in their exams.

Eric Tessier-Lavigne, 51, who taught French language classes at Gordonstoun school in Elgin, Scotland, was accused of giving pupils hints about their oral exams last year.

They included the words "for your eyes only" and "destroy after reading", a General Teaching Council disciplinary hearing heard.

Five pupils were sent emails which included some of the topics which later appeared in the exam.

Mr Tessier-Lavigne dismissed the language in the emails as "theatrical hyperbole".

He denied that he had intended to give the pupils an advantage or disadvantage.

But the General Teaching Council disciplinary hearing ruled that his actions had "seriously jeopardised his position as a role model for young people" and he was told he could not apply to be put back on the teaching register for a year.

The hearing was told he no longer taught at Gordonstoun, which was attended by Prince Charles in the 1960s.

His job at the school, at which day pupils pay about £19,000 a year in fees, was his first teaching post after a probationary year at another school.