The milk-round - the cynical perspective

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Reasons to dive in

Management consultancy is the new rock and roll.

Filling out fewer job application forms, thus reducing the times you are forced to use your summer dishwashing job as an example of a "highly challenging situation" in which you "managed to triumph over diversity by motivating a team".

Opportunities to practise phrases like "touching base", "product synergy" and "customer focus" without laughing.

You get as much free yoghurt as you can eat (as long as the milkman's not watching).

What else are you going to do between episodes of Neighbours?

Reasons to avoid

Fast food is the new rock and roll. And collecting gold "customer service" stars is cooler than collecting gold credit cards.

Milk-round presentations are usually held in the afternoon. Who wants to set their alarm that early?

At school, the milk was free and came with a Hob-Nob, not a hidden capitalist agenda.

Pineapple and cheese cubes on sticks.