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English: Imagine you wake up one morning to discover that you have completely changed and no one recognises you. Write a short story about what happens.

Science: It had been raining and there were puddles on the playground. Later, some of the puddles had dried up. Explain why the puddles dried up. Describe two sorts of weather which would make the puddles dry up quickly.

Maths: This picture shows how Tom works out 13 x 7 in his head. Use Tom's method to work out 12 x 8.


English: Complete this sentence: At one time there (is/was/are/were) wolves in Britain, but (because/now/ also) they have died out.

Maths: In which of these numbers does the 4 stand for 4 hundredths? Put a ring round the correct answer: a)239.4; b)239400; c)2394; d)23.94

Science: Shade in three thermometers to show what temperature you think each of the following should be:

a. Fruit drink with ice cubes

b. Bowl of soup

c. Boiling water

These questions are similar to those employed in the tests.